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 About Us 

Founded in 1981 on America’s tropical frontier amidst the excitement of the Reagan Revolution, the Miami Young Republicans grew quickly as the region became the home of millions of freedom-loving capitalists who escaped the clutches of communism in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, or who fled communist guerrillas in Colombia and other parts of South America.

Today, Miami Young Republicans is America's most successful YR organization — a powerhouse electing Young Republicans, influencing public policy, passing legislation, and cultivating a new generation of leaders. Our organization serves as a hemispheric voice for freedom and democracy, as a key supporter of anti-communist activists, and as a catalyst of Miami’s emergence into a global metropolis and model for center-right governance.

Recently, our award-winning work was instrumental to turning the electoral tide in South Florida, electing President Trump and Governor DeSantis, and flipping Miami-Dade to Republican for the first time in decades.


emerging leaders, political staffers & young professionals.


Young Republican elected officials, the most in America.


highly engaged
online community.


A message from Chairman Armando J. Ibarra:

Join us as we embark on an inspiring journey to shape our nation's destiny. Your passion, your voice, and your vision are the keys to forging a future where freedom, opportunity, and prosperity flourish for all. This is your moment to make a difference, to stand for what you believe in, and to join a community of young conservatives dedicated to championing the ideals that have always made America great. Together, let's ignite change and build a legacy of positive impact that echoes through generations. Let's create the future we believe in.

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