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2024 Legislative Agenda

Miami Young Republicans are leading the charge as legislators and advocates in Tallahassee, passing important bills and reforms to ensure Florida continues to be the most dynamic state in the nation.

We are delighted to share with you our 2024 legislative priorities. MiamiYRs is activating members and friends to support key bills sponsored by Young Republicans in the Florida legislature.

Session At-A-Glance

👥 40 Senators

💰 $115B Budget

👥 120 Representatives

📄 1,800+ Bills

📅 60 Days

Ends March 8th

Policy Objectives

Click each objective below to see list of legislative priorities.






MiamiYRs in the Florida Legislature

We are proud to support Miami Young Republicans in the legislature: Speaker Designate Daniel Perez, Senator Bryan Avila, Senator Alexis Calatayud, Rep. Demi Busatta Cabrera, Rep. David Borrero, Rep. Juan Carlos Porras, and Rep. Mike Redondo.


What We Are Saying

"Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect Floridians from abusive e-commerce vendors and platforms from China, and to ensure that fentanyl-laced vaping devices from China don't make it into the hands of children or young people." — Vice President Jaime Figueras in reference to SB1342 by Sen. Calatayud and SB1006/HB1007

"Young Republicans in the legislature are working to secure ballots and voting systems, ensuring that Florida continues to be a national leader in election integrity." — Secretary Miguel Granda in reference to HB671 by Rep. Borrero and HB359 by Rep. Berny Jacques

"We believe in protecting children online and support empowering parents via parental controls and age verification at the app store level, which will shield kids from harmful content, protect their identity online, and secure their data from unknown parties." — Chairman Armando Ibarra in reference to HB1 by Rep. Tyler Sirois and Rep. Fiona McFarland.

"Young people are moving to South Florida by the tens of thousands because they want to enjoy clean, safe, and secure streets. We will never tolerate the vagrancy, criminality, and social decay that plague once-great cities like New York and San Francisco." Driena Sixto, our Director of Political Action and Southeast Manager for Turning Point Action, in reference to SB1530 by Sen. Jonathan Martin and HB 1379 by Rep. Carolina Amesty.

"Miami Young Republicans passed first-in-the-nation legislation requiring schools to teach about the crimes and victims of communism, and this year we are working to expand these requirements to ensure that children and young adults know this important history." — Chairman Armando Ibarra, in reference to HB1349 by Rep. James Buchanan.

"We thank Sen. Calatayud for showcasing how Young Republicans are leading on next-gen education and fully support her bill requiring schools to teach all students about computer science topics that are fundamental to the jobs of tomorrow." Jessica Fernandez Ibarra, Director of Club Development, in reference to SB1344 by Sen. Calatayud.


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