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MiamiYRs Proudly Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

The GOP presidential primary is over. It's time for Republicans to unite.

MIAMI (Jan. 31, 2024) In what will be the most consequential election in our nation's history, Miami Young Republicans is proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. With so much at stake, we are delighted to share that the decision to support President Trump was unanimous.

With our endorsement, President Trump has in his corner the most experienced YR leadership team in America, influential operatives and veterans of numerous campaigns for President, Senate, Congress, and state level offices. Our team has had a historic impact in Florida: elected a record 30+ YR members to office in our region, eliminated Chinese Communist Party influence, passed state and local legislation, impacted US Latin America policy, and flipped Miami-Dade County to Republican for the first time in decades. In 2024 we are ready to do it again.

Our unanimous vote to endorse President Trump is an example of what the entire Republican Party around the country must exemplify: unity. The primary is over and all Republicans across the country must unite in support of President Trump. — Tony Figueroa, President

Under Trump's leadership, America was strong and the world was at peace. The Trump economy delivered record real wage growth for workers and low prices, providing abundance and prosperity for the American people. He stood up to China and opened our nation's eyes to the CCP threat. He secured our southern border and achieved historic diplomatic agreements in the Middle East. President Trump applied maximum pressure and comprehensive sanctions against America's communist enemies in Cuba and Venezuela. Our enemies feared us and our friends respected our strength.

President Trump has proven himself a champion for the American people. He stands as a bulwark against the corrupt Washington elite, unyielding in the face of constant attacks, defying the rules of a rotten political establishment, embodying the strength we admire in a leader. His commitment to our national interest, the American worker, economic opportunity, and prosperity is unwavering. — Armando Ibarra, Chairman

Fast forward to today: Biden led our nation into a ditch and his weakness invited global chaos. Russia invaded Ukraine. Hamas attacked Israel. Armed conflict in the Red Sea paralyzes global maritime trade. China threatens to invade Taiwan. Biden's weakness emboldened our enemies along with transnational narco-terrorist militias to unleash an invasion over our Southern border with millions of unknown and unvetted military-age foreign aliens.

At home, the Left's radical gender and race agenda is tearing our nation apart while Biden's economic policies stoked the highest inflation in half a century, devastating working families and our middle class. Unable to contain growing discontent, the Biden administration lashes out with censorship, misinformation, and abuse of power.

We have witnessed how far the Left will go to politicize our justice system or manipulate elections, but we are not deterred. They will not stop President Trump nor will they stop us in our quest to retake the White House and drain the DC Swamp. — Jaime Figueras, Vice President

Miami Young Republicans members consist of many unique young men and women with different backgrounds, professional occupations, and personal stories. We are grateful that God placed us in each other’s lives to utilize our different strengths with a common goal to elect President Donald J. Trump in 2024 and Make America Great Again.

We call on all Republicans across the country to join us.


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