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 Young Republican Jewish Coalition 

This groundbreaking coalition serves as a platform to expand conservative engagement with the Jewish community, stand in solidarity with Israel against Hamas and antisemitism, and help to develop the next generation of Jewish political leaders.

Jewish people are an important part of our Republican Party and a fast growing community with deep roots across America. Expanding Republican engagement with the Jewish community is a major opportunity that will strengthen our party.


The Young Republican Jewish Coalition was founded in August 2023 by Chairman Armando Ibarra and President Tony Figueroa with a unanimous vote of our Board of Directors. It is the first coalition of its kind for a Young Republican organization. The MiamiYRs also elected the first Director of Jewish Engagement in its history.

What We Do


Collaborate with organizations in the Jewish community and host events to discuss important issues with faith, business, and political leaders.


Recruit young Jewish Republicans to our organization, empower them with political development, and train them for public service opportunities.


Serve as a key voice in support of Israel as a critical ally and friend of the US, in opposition to the Iran Deal, and for a strong foreign policy in the Middle East.


Expand GOP activity in key regions and activate YR members to lead GOP voter registration, get-out-the-vote, and policy initiatives focused on Jewish voters.​

Advisory Board

Coalition Partners

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Past Events

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