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Endorsing Manny Cid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County

After four years of Democrat mismanagement, county hall is in disarray. Spending spirals out of control while government departments are in crisis. Mayor Levine-Cava proposes to raise property taxes by billions while working families struggle with astronomical cost-of-living and unaffordable homes.

Enough is enough. Miami-Dade County needs a new direction and new leadership that stands with residents and small businesses, not left-wing special interests. 

We are proud to endorse Manny Cid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County to rescue our county government from mismanagement and corruption.

Manny Cid will put residents first with a bold plan to reduce property taxes to make homes more affordable, eliminate irresponsible spending to protect taxpayers, and clean up government departments that are in crisis.

As Mayor of Miami Lakes, Manny has led the region in fighting for residents and taxpayers:

✅Served for eight years as Miami Lakes Mayor

✅Achieved lowest crime rate in Miami Lakes history

✅Lowered taxes by 10% in Miami Lakes

A friend and member of the Miami Young Republicans, Manny Cid's experience as a small business owner and mayor demonstrates that he understands what residents need and he has the skills to deliver.

Manny exemplifies the Republican Party's highest attributes in service to others. Having powered his campaign for Mayor of Miami Lakes, we are proud to do it again as we launch a dynamic grassroots operation that will put one of our own as Mayor of Miami-Dade County.


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