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We Flipped Miami-Dade to Republican!

MiamiYRs deliver a historic victory and political realignment.

For the first time in two decades, Republicans won a majority of votes in Miami-Dade. And it wasn't a narrow majority, it was a massive 11 point victory for Gov. DeSantis in the county.

This groundbreaking milestone is a testament to years of hard work, effective leadership, and millions of voter contacts by the Miami Young Republicans.

As recently as 2016, Miami-Dade voted D+29. Hillary got almost two-thirds of votes and pundits heralded the coming Democratic super-majority in our community. They were so wrong.

In the past 5 years, Miami Young Republicans have held almost 100 events and meetings, advocated for conservative policies, successfully passed legislation, helped elect a dozen members to office, made millions of voter contacts, and generated hundreds of thousands of votes to deliver Florida victories for Gov. DeSantis and President Trump.

This year, MiamiYRs brought the cavalry to deliver the first Republican majority in Miami-Dade since many of us were in diapers!

Just this year, our members made hundreds of thousands of voter contacts by phone and in person and the results speak for themselves: three MiamiYRs members were newly elected to state and county offices, we helped flip three legislative races to the Republican column, and we scored victories for all of our endorsed candidates.

Here's what some of our election winners are saying:

🎤Representative-Elect Vicki Lopez: "Without the Miami Young Republicans you cannot a win a race. If you don't have the MiamiYRs on your side, you've got nothing."

🎤County Commissioner-Elect Kevin Cabrera:"MiamiYRs' years of hard work was a key component of the historic Republican turnout in Miami-Dade."

🎤Miami Lakes Councilman Josh Dieguez: "No local organization has done more to flip Miami-Dade to Republican than the MiamiYRs."

Republicans can win in big cities, in colleges, and with Latinos. We'll show you how we are doing it.

Contact us to learn more about our Republican strategies, policies, and messaging that are pulling Latino voters sharply to the right, in Miami and across the country.


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