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Honoring a Legacy

Join us for the christening of "Evaristo Gustavo Mendez Way" - formerly known as West 55th Street.

We proudly join hands with Hialeah Mayor Steve Bovo, Miami-Dade Comm. Rene Garcia, and the Hialeah City Council to immortalize the cherished memory of a true Hialeah icon, Evaristo Gustavo Mendez. For over 40 years, Evaristo graced our community as a beloved community leader and businessman.

🗓️ Thursday, July 27, at 10:00am 📍 West 55th Street and 4th Avenue in Hialeah

We commend our MiamiYRs Director of Communications Brandon Diaz for securing this lasting tribute for his grandfather, so that his legacy may continue to inspire and guide future generations of business and community leaders.


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