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Statement on the indictment of President Trump

Our nation is at a precipice. The very foundations of our democracy — justice, rule of law, and public trust in our legal system — are under attack by a left-wing cabal determined to abuse the institutions of state to target political opponents and suppress dissent ahead of the 2024 election.

We never thought we would see this in America. This kind of political persecution of opposition leaders is a hallmark of authoritarian and corrupt regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, China, and Russia. It should serve as a wake up call to see such tactics used in the United States, a nation that has always been a beacon of democracy and justice in the world.

The Miami Young Republicans condemn the corrupt and unjust indictment of President Trump. All Americans must defend our Constitution, justice, and rule of law. If Alvin Bragg gets away with this perversion of justice, the left and their corrupt agents will be emboldened to come after any other American they dislike.

Make no mistake, our community is undaunted. Our families have lived through political persecution, they have looked evil in the eye. We will work harder than ever to dislodge the leftist cancer that seeks to turn our great nation into an authoritarian nightmare like the ones so many in our community escaped from.

— Miami Young Republicans Executive Committee

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