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YR Appointed to West Miami City Commission

We are thrilled to congratulate Natalie Milian Orbis, sworn in this week as the newest Commissioner in the City of West Miami.

A Young Republican, Natalie has extensive experience in public service and deep roots in West Miami. She and her husband purchased their first home on the same street where her husband's mother and grandparents once lived.

Natalie has previously served on the City of West Miami Planning and Zoning Board, Charter Review Task Force, and Code Enforcement Board, as well as Miami-Dade County's Redistricting Task Force, the School Board's Literacy in Elementary Education Task Force, and as a Member of the Miami-Dade Republican Party Executive Committee. She works as the Program Director for the Miami-Dade County Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board.

Natalie is committed to creating a West Miami where families feel safe, taxes are kept in check, quality of life is protected, and the neighborhood's small-town feel is preserved. She advocates for strong support for our police and firefighters, alongside robust programs for seniors, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.

"We are so proud of Natalie and look forward to the many things she will achieve on behalf of her constituents. Natalie embodies the next generation of public servants in our region. Miami Young Republicans are leading Florida into the future," said Chairman Armando Ibarra.

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